By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley

I look for answers in the things that have fallen
On the floor
And I follow
Beyond the earthy covert
Even the ground breathes
Leaves resembling skins
Sticks jointed, the water crafting the wood into bones
Do you cry for me, Earthy Greens?
Do you cry all on your own?

Drea occasionally is a commentary writer, poet, and stand-up comedian. She frequently has a problem with committing to “labels” and resides in Seattle, WA…for now. Follow her journey on Instagram (@dreadomenica). Read about her experience of relationships defining her perception of sex and sexuality and the “fair-weathered” acceptance of both the gay and straight communities to her “coming out” into the grey area that is bisexuality in her blog post, The Bi-Stander: “Pick a side, already!”.

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