I’m Surprised

“We are accompanied by uncertainty, fear, loneliness, sadness and helplessness. We are constantly surprised by the constant struggle for our rights in Poland.”

Two artists from Poland have contacted A Tribe Of Women to spread awareness about the situation of women in Poland during the pandemic. While health is a priority, Politicians in Poland are also taking this opportunity to propose laws that limit women’s rights and criminalise sex education under the cover of COVID-19. During lockdowns and social distancing, people cannot go out and protest. These artists want people to be aware of the situation that is happening in their country.

Alex is a producer and editor, and animator. She works on a variety of projects including documentary features, short films and commercials. She loves to create complex stories based on emotions. You can follow her work on Instagram (@foxy_roller).

Mike is a director, producer and cinematographer based in Poland and Ho Chi Minh. He focuses mainly on aesthetic values. He is inspired by minimalism and wilderness. His unlimited knowledge of camera equipment and love to technology helps him build complex frames and footage in a camera department. Watch his works on Instagram (@radon.mi)

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