Disturbing my peace

By Lourdes

Whistles while I walk by
One is bold enough to grab my wrist
He simultaneously winks and throws an air kiss
To them being female means I asked for this
“All I want is some space
Keep your hands off of me
Get the fuck up out my face.”
I was just a girl then,
But a child, that put a “Man” in his place.
“Shorty, you should smile more
What’s the matter baby? I’ll take care of you.
Here’s my number! Where you going? Can I stand with you?
When you get older I can tell you’ll be a wild one.”
Someone tell me why these men feel so entitled to
Push up
Follow like a stray dog that’s lost its way
Say how a woman should portray herself to be.
And why the fuck do they think I need someone to rescue me?
When all I want is to be free
All she wants is to be free
All we want is to be free
Free to be whatever the fuck we, or I or she chooses to be
With every breath we breathe so please just leave me be in peace
Don’t continue disturbing my peace in these streets
“I’m really kind of shy but when you walked on by you caught my heart and my eyes”
I’m not going to lie their game is tight
But the only reason it is
Is because they practice it all day
And all night
As soon as one lady is out of sight
The next is prime time
And they drop the same line.
Don’t let them eat your mind.
“Is that your mother or is that your sister? I don’t even care – Mami can I walk with cha”
I would walk behind my mom to cover her voluptuous beauty
Then realized I myself was exposed when
The harassment started before I even hit puberty
“Get a cup of coffee for me from the corner bodega “
First time my mother let me go out alone
And a man nearly four times my age looked at me like he’d lick the skin off my bones as he told me he would love to take me home.
Robbing innocence
Disturbing the peace
Just another walk
But they are on the prowl in these streets.

Lourdes is a writer/poet, a native New Yorker who currently resides in Shillington, Pennsylvania. Her writing focuses on her life experiences with racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, addiction, love, loss and self discovery. Follow her poetic journey on Instagram (@lourd.knows), for “taboo” topics. In her blog post, Disturbing my peace, read the way she rhythmically raises awareness about sexual harassment many women unwillingly experience regularly. This poem, and the ones she shares on her blog (lourdknows.com) , are what she considers poetic justice stories.

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