Con la lotta non si fanno figli

By Eleonora Quintavalle

Una donna mi ha protetta

con le tende abbassate

i sorrisi di madre

le mani di anziana saggezza

Non cerco protezione da marito

non voglio le tue dita nella testa

E mangio

e divoro

le briciole che restano


ne faccio pane

rendo il tuo potere fame.

English translation written by the poet herself:

Struggle is not baby-making time

A woman has shield me
curtain down
mother’s smiles
her hands
the keepers of wisdom

I don’t need some male protector
I don’t want your fingers in my mind

I eat 
I devoure your scraps
I’m picking up pieces
I’m doing bread
converting your power 
into ego starvation.

Eleonora was born on the sea, looking beyond the horizon and at the sky. She’s a wanderer, curious about the world and people, poem and novel writer, feminist warrior, pirate and cooking addicted. After she discovered to be epileptic, at the age of 30, her favorite quote became “Oh sorry, I was taking life seriously”.  Yes, Eleonora knows that life is a funny girl and she likes that!

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