She Is

By Katy Kettner

She is
She is a fortress, a vessel, an embodied cathedral
She is sacred, she is messy, she is mine
She listens, she hears, she see’s
She speaks
She plays, she rests, she births; many things and in many ways
She initiates
She is weak, she is broken, she is mortal
She is strong
She is a living portrait of the incarnation
She is gentle, she whispers
She is bruised, hungry and healing
She heals
She is awake
She holds many stories and anthropological narratives deep in her psyche and soul, and she sings of these tales in her own way and in her own time
She is created for and in communion
She embodies the Divine and magnifies Her magnificence
She is an intricate configuration of a complex fleshy matrix
She breaks the law of science
She is wild and untamed, yet she is collected
She lives her truest self and accepts the opposing forces
She is brave and courageous
She is punished, she is repressed, she is denied
She is a product of many concepts, ideas, beliefs, theories, theologies and powerful politics,
yet she will not be confined or defined by any of them
She is controlled, yet feared
She is vulnerable, collapsing and gasping for breath
She is angry
She is hyper-vigilant, yet in tune with the Flow
She is a ferocious protector
She is my loveliness
She is owed many apologies, yet continues to apologise
She is dis-empowered, yet empowers
She is empty and overflowing
She is word made flesh
She is forgotten in the pushing and the achieving
She is a map to hidden secrets, yet she is the treasure found
She is a refined jewel
She is a work of art; a masterpiece.
She is a reflection
She is made in awe and wonder
She is a representation of the Here and Now
She is intellectual and experiential
She is conceptual and spiritual
She is sexual
She is a warrior of justice and of love
She teaches as she learns, and learns as she teaches
She is forgiving and forgetting, but she never forgets
She is wounded yet unscathed
She stands on the shoulders of those before and she is creating a floor for those ahead of her
She loves, she serves, she nurtures
She holds betrayal, lies and trauma, she is heavy with judgement
She is a truth seeker, story teller, and history re-writer
She is a transformer
She permits and she ignites
She is accepting and accepted
She is gracious, faithful and fierce
She is a bad-ass
She has desires and she is learning to honour them
She takes pleasure in pleasure
She is Holy
She laughs, she cries, she shouts
She is an advocate of peace
She is a holding operation
She is a difference maker
She embraces chaos yet prospers in the stillness
She is haunted by emptiness yet is quietly found in unfilled spaces
She is unbinding and unbound
She befriends discomfort
She finds harmony in the disharmony
She houses the Unknown and the complex
She holds generations after us
She holds life, breathes life, gives life and is life
She is, many a time, ignored
She is re-learning her goodness
She is participating in her resurrection
She is dedicated and committed
She burns deep with passion
She is vast
She is enigmatic
She is fully alive and fully human
She holds cycles of life and death
She engages in and with the cyclical rhythm within nature and universal consciousness
She bleeds without dying
She tears down, she disagrees, and she writes out
She erects, she pronounces and she weaves in new beginnings
She starts again, many times over
She allows things to end, many times over
She stretches and she jumps; movement is her medicine
She is always drawn forward; she is always drawn in
She is confused and she wonders
She is free, yet she is drowning
She reaches yet she cannot grasp
She suffers and holds the suffering
She yearns for appreciation and affirmation
She is constantly changing, adapting and surviving
She represents a tale untold
She is captivating
She is becoming
She stands with women, not against them
She is awake to things that are not yet comprehended
She is always prepared and preparing
She speaks the language of the mystics
She is a feeler
She is a love-maker
She holds purpose and integrity, she is a trier
She wears scars from the war’s within
She is a victim of many voices, yet is learning to be her own voice
She is a voice for the voiceless
She unearths the voices of others
She is alone yet held by many
She is asymmetrical
She represents the true feminine
She celebrates yet yearns to be celebrated
She seeks to understand yet is often misunderstood
She is weary and tired, yet determined
She struggles,yet…
She is called
She is an illustration of her mind and renders the state of her soul
She is more than her labels, her failures and her every change
She is more than the expectations heavily held upon her
She requires deep nourishment yet is often found starving
She speaks on a level that cannot be heard but only felt and seen
She holds infinite possibility
She is on a journey yet she has arrived
She is disconnected, yet reconnecting
She is making yet being made
She is an individual and a part of the Greater Collective
She is needed by the world for her dance, her song; her sound
She is learning to find joy and power in her story
She is learning to represent
She is discovering something, and it is good
She is learning to embrace and be embraced
She is breaking chains
She is rising up
She is beautiful
She is sanctified
She knows
She is, My Body.

Katy Kettner is a Specialist Women’s/Pelvic Health Physiotherapist in the North East of England where she lives with her husband and two children. Katy’s work is largely driven by her passion for science, her fascination for the human body and its profound ability to communicate, the multiplexity of the mind, and the vast power of the untamed feminine soul. Katy seeks to connect what was never meant to be seperate, and to celebrate, educate and empower. Within her practice, she seeks to help unearth and untangle the beautiful stories deep within, and to build bridges between the known and the felt. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube (Katy Kettner).

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