No one way to be a womxn

By Pooja Kadaboina

to not be
of the ability to:
shed clots of red,
house the biology to nurture a pregnancy,
produce too little or too many hormones,
makes me no less of who
i am.

i am not:
– what lies between
my legs,
– a number, a statistic, a conduit
for your heedless campaigns,
for, i refuse
a misappropriation of:
my identity,
a debate around:
my being.

i am:
all the courage
that i muster.
all the fear
that i overcome.
all the nouns
that i choose to adopt.
all the adjectives
that i resonate.

for, who i choose to be is who
i am.
i am.

Pooja is a full-time student with an almost passionate interest in writing. An intersectional feminist with a strong inclination towards literature, she takes an active interest in feminist discourse. She uses her writing as a mode of exploring political and social dispositions. She writes to help put forward a platform for the voices of those that need hearing, along with her own when necessary. Besides being a reader envious of voracity, she is also an ardent admirer of the sea, the sky, and everything in between. 

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