Female Financial Literacy

By Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch Ever thought about your pension? Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch had not until recently, but found out how educating yourself on long-term financial security is also a way to close the gender gap. While women are often insecure about investing their money, taking your finances in your own hand is... Continue Reading →

Ladies, Wine, and Design in Manila

By Chem Torrente and Thea Castro Balancing life and survival in a world that’s full of competition, gender inequality, and instability can be tough for a lot of women out there. Aside from the external conflicts that each of us experience every day, we also fight inner battles that we talk with very few people... Continue Reading →

The Outsider Advantage

By Sabriye Tenberken I was born in a family of outsiders. When I was two years old, my parents moved into a village that was located approximately 12 KM south of Bonn, which was the official capital of West-Germany back then. A lovely little place, with a forest, a creek, an old church and it... Continue Reading →

The Beginnings of a Change Maker

By Rachita Sharma My name is Rachita and I am 24 years old. My passion in life is to create a community that supports and uplifts young women. Growing up in a small city, I never felt comfortable with the constant ‘caste’ criticism or stereotypes associated. The casteism that my fellow students were subjected to... Continue Reading →

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