Female Financial Literacy

By Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch Ever thought about your pension? Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch had not until recently, but found out how educating yourself on long-term financial security is also a way to close the gender gap. While women are often insecure about investing their money, taking your finances in your own hand is... Continue Reading →

The Type to Think in Black & White

By Ashley Kincaid An artist’s portfolio tells a story, I’m proud of what mine is telling.” Ashley Kincaid My personal journey with trauma and mental health began at five years old. I was molested at my small hometown elementary school by an older classmate. This was a devastating blow to my family. No one knew... Continue Reading →


By Victoria Ferguson Perspective has been weighing on my mind quite heavily, as of lately. Like art, everyone has a unique point of view, creating a multitude of understandings in every situation. The trail of instances that transpire in our lives, individually or collectively, result in varying positions that unknowingly shape the lens we view... Continue Reading →

All the feels (on self-validation)

By Europe and Me's Robin White People hardly ever describe me without using a “too” in addition. Too honest. Too loud. Too emotional. Too radical. Too angry. Too complicated – you name it. So many feelings, opinions or ideas I’ve had were dismissed, solely because others didn’t like the tone I was conveying them in.... Continue Reading →

Expect the Unexpected

By Victoria Reissner Many times, I have asked myself why I left leave Buenos Aires, quit my job, left my family and friend behind to move to Europe. This was around 5 years ago and I would normally struggle to answer this question. For a long time now, I think I can at least start... Continue Reading →

The Outsider Advantage

By Sabriye Tenberken I was born in a family of outsiders. When I was two years old, my parents moved into a village that was located approximately 12 KM south of Bonn, which was the official capital of West-Germany back then. A lovely little place, with a forest, a creek, an old church and it... Continue Reading →

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