15 Things We Can Learn From Our Grandmothers

By Archana Rao While the love a parent has for a child is often termed as unconditional, the love a grand-parent showers can only be called, well, grand. As you can tell, words royally fail to express what the feeling of being embraced and blessed by your own ancestors is. However, for those of us who are/were... Continue Reading →

Listen, You Beautiful Bitch

The beginnings of a shady self-help podcast that embraces mistakes (and sometimes learns from them) By Hannah Spruill, Katy Eller, Sandra de Kozlowski, and Suzie Orr There’s nothing quite like a new decade (or a hangover) to make you re-evaluate your past decisions — and the four of us were battling both when this podcast... Continue Reading →

A Memoir to Myself

By Satarra Johnson-Kidd When I was 18 years old, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii to pursue my education. I’m not going to lie. It felt good to make such a drastic move. It was also kind of scary. Most people wouldn’t think of moving to a secluded island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean... Continue Reading →

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