The Type to Think in Black & White

By Ashley Kincaid An artist’s portfolio tells a story, I’m proud of what mine is telling.” Ashley Kincaid My personal journey with trauma and mental health began at five years old. I was molested at my small hometown elementary school by an older classmate. This was a devastating blow to my family. No one knew... Continue Reading →

Inside My Mind High On Anxiety

By Angela Collevecchio Today I want to take you on a trip into the mind of someone having an anxiety attack. If you experience anxiety attacks, this article may help you feel less alone. If you have never experienced one before, this can give you perspective and awareness on how it may feel for a... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of a Paper Doll

By Shannon Woodworth I’ve been very open about my struggle throughout high school with anorexia and what it means to me to have overcome it. Mostly, I’ve been inspired to share in hopes that it can validate someone else’s story, or at least help them gain perspective and insight into the mind of someone who’s... Continue Reading →

Grief As A Stepchild

By Georgia Wickremeratne I’m not one hundred per cent sure of the best way to start writing this so I’m going to try and give you an idea of who my stepfather was. This won’t do it justice but it’ll be something. He was one of the best people I know, arguably the best. I... Continue Reading →

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