Anorexia Nervosa: Collecting Pieces of You

By Mae Lewis anorexia collects pieces of you. chips away at you. sculpts and morphs and kneads you into a mould of someone you are not. my ponytail always needed three loops of a hair bobble. now it needs four. the clothes i once wore hang illusively at the back of my wardrobe, untouched. a... Continue Reading →

A Common Reality

By Sophie Dunne He is pale like a cloudHis skin like melting ice cream Blowing me kisses as I work Leaning far over his seat About to fallAs he devours my presenceAnd attempts to maul He stands to stretch as I approach that area And like a security guardInspects my body as he passes me by Feeling my uniform morph into... Continue Reading →


By Mallory Abreu I used to sleeppassed out cold. Liquor curdling my bloodon a Tuesday dawn. I’d wake and cringe,every fiber of me shrinking from the light. Kick off the covers,wanting so badly to not bepresent in my own bodythat I couldn’t standto feel their touch.  Numbness was existencethe breathing alone, painful,so when darkness droppedand nothing was left to... Continue Reading →

No one way to be a womxn

By Pooja Kadaboina not beof the ability to:shed clots of red,house the biology to nurture a pregnancy,produce too little or too many hormones,makes me no less of whoi am. i am not:- what lies betweenmy legs,- a number, a statistic, a conduitfor your heedless campaigns,for, i refusea misappropriation of:my identity,a debate around:my being. i am:all... Continue Reading →


By Mit Reverie I may not be perfectI may have many flawsI may deviate from my plan Still all these are a part of meNot all sculpture are beautiful from beginningNot all seeds germinate from fruit ripeningEvery story has many chaptersChapters accomplished by different characterEach character cherished by their natureA seed goes through seasons to overcome... Continue Reading →

She Is

By Katy Kettner She is She is a fortress, a vessel, an embodied cathedral She is sacred, she is messy, she is mine She listens, she hears, she see's She speaks   She plays, she rests, she births; many things and in many ways She initiates She is weak, she is broken, she is mortal... Continue Reading →

Melanin Mama’s

By Lourdes She with skin the color of loveHer the one who’s been chosen by the sunLips of plumWarrior tongueWith a complexion that tells a story of where we all came fromWoman of fireBecause She can take and create the heat Brown babyThankful to a lady that wouldn’t give up her seatYes, Rosa parks to spark... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales

By Akshaya Pai Oh princess, Oh princessYour story was so wrongly toldThat made all little girls dreamOf a happily ever after when they’re old. But to live in our world,You must be a fighter.You may be written by a man,But you can still burn brighter. I promise to tellThe actual storyOf how Beauty tamed the... Continue Reading →

Con la lotta non si fanno figli

By Eleonora Quintavalle Una donna mi ha protetta con le tende abbassate i sorrisi di madre le mani di anziana saggezza Non cerco protezione da marito non voglio le tue dita nella testa E mangio e divoro le briciole che restano Raccolgo ne faccio pane rendo il tuo potere fame. English translation written by the... Continue Reading →

Disturbing my peace

By Lourdes Whistles while I walk byOne is bold enough to grab my wristHe simultaneously winks and throws an air kissTo them being female means I asked for this“All I want is some spaceKeep your hands off of meGet the fuck up out my face.”I was just a girl then,But a child, that put a... Continue Reading →

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