Olympic Rage

By Europe & Me‘s Friederike Sandow There’s a lot going on at the Olympics, which took place from 23rd of July until 8th of August. Europe & Me‘s Friederike is revisiting the lows of Tokyo 2020 and concludes that not even British diver Tom Daley can knit us out of this shit show. The Olympic flame and... Continue Reading →

Poland: Will I ever stop fighting for my rights?

By Europe & Me's Julia Zalewska In Europe & Me's previous issue, they published this article about the reversion of the right to abortion in Poland. This time, E&M‘s Julia Zalewska, born and raised in Poland, recounts her experience of continuously having to fight for her rights in 21st Century Europe.  I feel hopeless, overwhelmed. The country I live... Continue Reading →

Why am I so angry now?

By Sara Assad-Mannings Sarah Everard was taken minutes from my home; on a street I drive down multiple times a week and have walked down more times than I can count. It’s terrifyingly close to home and we are all too aware of how easily it could have been one of us. But it wasn’t,... Continue Reading →

“Being a different soldier”: Women, Voluntary Conscription and the Lithuanian Armed Forces

By Europe and Me's Beatričė Juškaitė Beatričė Juškaitė has spoken to women who voluntarily pursue a 9-month military service, obligatory for men, in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Misogyny and sexism are recurrent themes in their stories. “Are you sure?”, a middle-aged clean-shaven man in a camouflage uniform asked Raimonda. It was an early morning in autumn 2015,... Continue Reading →

Popping Bubbles: Dear White Males

By Europe and Me's Robin White Robin White writes about how she is staying hopeful in a world like this – and her answers are ones of advice, smashing the patriarchy, and poignant observations about the societies we continuously choose to live in because we don’t dare to leave our comfort zones.  Recently, I was... Continue Reading →

Old Wild Feminine

By Katy Kettner I’ve been sitting with some thoughts recently, off the back of the recent news on Sudan criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation. My thoughts have led to words, and my words have led to this, which I would like to share with you. I’ve seen a lot of people share this great news, and... Continue Reading →

Witches MythBuster

By Europe & Me‘s MythBuster Did you ever read Roald Dahl’s The Witches? I did, and it traumatised me for a few years. I remember being on holiday with my family, staying at a hotel and peaking into one of these huge conference rooms some hotels have: I was persuaded this was a perfect gathering... Continue Reading →

I’m Surprised

https://youtu.be/hXqcaPmQnjg "We are accompanied by uncertainty, fear, loneliness, sadness and helplessness. We are constantly surprised by the constant struggle for our rights in Poland." Two artists from Poland have contacted A Tribe Of Women to spread awareness about the situation of women in Poland during the pandemic. While health is a priority, Politicians in Poland are... Continue Reading →

Female Rage: COVID-19 spells it out

By Europe and Me's Nicoletta Enria and Friederike Sandow Nicoletta and Friederike are back with all their female rage, stirred up by the circumstances COVID-19 has put us (back) in. Covid-19 has, as Nicoletta has pointed out in this article, not only an impact on everything that happens emotionally, physically and in plain sight, but also... Continue Reading →

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