Three women, three backgrounds, three stories: One conversation.

By Europe and Me's Friederike Sandow Europe & Me author Friederike Sandow has sat down with three women to talk all things feminist. The conversation was recorded and has been transcribed by the author, some answers have been abbreviated for clarity. Friederike: Thank you for meeting with me on the day an iconic feminist has passed away. (*Ruth... Continue Reading →

Why am I so angry now?

By Sara Assad-Mannings Sarah Everard was taken minutes from my home; on a street I drive down multiple times a week and have walked down more times than I can count. It’s terrifyingly close to home and we are all too aware of how easily it could have been one of us. But it wasn’t,... Continue Reading →

Inside My Mind High On Anxiety

By Angela Collevecchio Today I want to take you on a trip into the mind of someone having an anxiety attack. If you experience anxiety attacks, this article may help you feel less alone. If you have never experienced one before, this can give you perspective and awareness on how it may feel for a... Continue Reading →

Bras. They can go. Or can they?

By Europe & Me‘s MythBuster It’s confession time. I’ll be honest, when my office opened after the height of the lockdown, I was rather relieved: seeing colleagues, stepping out of my house, having a physical work-life divide and therefore balance — these are all causes for celebration. What was really difficult though was having to start... Continue Reading →

All the feels (on self-validation)

By Europe and Me's Robin White People hardly ever describe me without using a “too” in addition. Too honest. Too loud. Too emotional. Too radical. Too angry. Too complicated – you name it. So many feelings, opinions or ideas I’ve had were dismissed, solely because others didn’t like the tone I was conveying them in.... Continue Reading →

Expect the Unexpected

By Victoria Reissner Many times, I have asked myself why I left leave Buenos Aires, quit my job, left my family and friend behind to move to Europe. This was around 5 years ago and I would normally struggle to answer this question. For a long time now, I think I can at least start... Continue Reading →

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