Olympic Rage

By Europe & Me‘s Friederike Sandow There’s a lot going on at the Olympics, which took place from 23rd of July until 8th of August. Europe & Me‘s Friederike is revisiting the lows of Tokyo 2020 and concludes that not even British diver Tom Daley can knit us out of this shit show. The Olympic flame and... Continue Reading →

Female Financial Literacy

By Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch Ever thought about your pension? Europe & Me‘s Laura Worsch had not until recently, but found out how educating yourself on long-term financial security is also a way to close the gender gap. While women are often insecure about investing their money, taking your finances in your own hand is... Continue Reading →

A (Late) Feminist Awakening

By Friederike Sandow I got into feminism pretty late. I would have never used the word feminist in my early twenties, even mid-twenties, to describe myself. I probably did not fully understand the term and shied away from it. Because whenever the term feminism was thrown around when I was growing up, it was instantly... Continue Reading →

Ash’s Activist Journey

By Ashleigh Streeter-Jones My activist journey started back in 2005 when, my parents, who had previously lived in Johannesburg, took me to South Africa. This is how I found myself in SOWETO – the South Western Township – on Christmas day. It was a confronting experience. Although we were in SOWETO with a local tour... Continue Reading →

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