Three women, three backgrounds, three stories: One conversation.

By Europe and Me's Friederike Sandow Europe & Me author Friederike Sandow has sat down with three women to talk all things feminist. The conversation was recorded and has been transcribed by the author, some answers have been abbreviated for clarity. Friederike: Thank you for meeting with me on the day an iconic feminist has passed away. (*Ruth... Continue Reading →

“Being a different soldier”: Women, Voluntary Conscription and the Lithuanian Armed Forces

By Europe and Me's Beatričė Juškaitė Beatričė Juškaitė has spoken to women who voluntarily pursue a 9-month military service, obligatory for men, in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Misogyny and sexism are recurrent themes in their stories. “Are you sure?”, a middle-aged clean-shaven man in a camouflage uniform asked Raimonda. It was an early morning in autumn 2015,... Continue Reading →

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