Finding La Dolce Vita From Within

By Mila Ellen Yehl For my whole life, I grew up listening to people comment about my looks. From classmates to people in my family, it seemed to me like everyone had something to say about my appearance. Some comments were about my race and height, which are two things I have absolutely no control... Continue Reading →

Ash’s Activist Journey

By Ashleigh Streeter-Jones My activist journey started back in 2005 when, my parents, who had previously lived in Johannesburg, took me to South Africa. This is how I found myself in SOWETO – the South Western Township – on Christmas day. It was a confronting experience. Although we were in SOWETO with a local tour... Continue Reading →

Draw Your Flaws

By Emma Hart #DrawYourFlaws #DrawYourFlaws is an idea I came up with to engage with body positivity. Every summer, I have felt very insecure about my body. I was never that skinny girl back in school. I had a lot of stretch-marks whilst growing up. I have a condition called Keratosis which make my arms... Continue Reading →

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