By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley What’s worst is this feeling,that I have already lost you.Though your body in my armsI feel your breath,the sticking of your skinOur bodies unfolding… Days of youMonths of youYou expand in my mindIn my heartIn my life… And yet, I feel like I have already lost you. I weep sometimes for your... Continue Reading →


By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley I look for answers in the things that have fallenOn the floorAnd I followBeyond the earthy covertEven the ground breathesLeaves resembling skinsSticks jointed, the water crafting the wood into bonesDo you cry for me, Earthy Greens?Do you cry all on your own? Drea occasionally is a commentary writer, poet, and stand-up comedian.... Continue Reading →

The Ask

By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley Too much of yourself, you couldn’t contain So you filled me up like your vessel. From top to bottom, I felt your pulse I carried your heart I breathed your air. You inflated me To leave me empty But still, I come completely voided and ask… At first, I fell out of... Continue Reading →


By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley I don’t know what happened while I was sleeping Was it a full moon Did some cosmic force collide Because today I feel a peace I haven’t had Or perhaps Forgotten Drea occasionally is a commentary writer, poet, and stand-up comedian. She frequently has a problem with committing to “labels” and resides... Continue Reading →

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