The Spring of a Mother

By Sarah Yataghane The chilly yet bright golden sun creeps in through the windows as I rise in the early hours with my smallest girl, who along with the birds, likes to make herself known at the break of day. I love this time of year, the days begin to stretch, the hours tumble into... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Being Flawed

By Sarah Yataghane In recent weeks I have been feeling an air of discomfort, as I share moments of my day to day or publically unpick my feelings on particular subjects, I realise that naturally, onlookers develop there own impression of who I am and how I navigate my life. However I often feel that... Continue Reading →

Forced Birth of a Nation

By Europe & Me's Alison Welty Fifty years after the end of slavery in the United States, director D.W. Griffin released the Birth of a Nation, a film that revived the Ku Klux Klan and inspired institutionalized violence against Black Americans across the country. It was the first film ever screened at the White House,... Continue Reading →

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